Shoe store

The range of models of the store consists of products made of both genuine leather and artificial materials. The price grid is wide, and visitors can buy shoes inexpensively or pick up more refined and expensive models. A large selection of options opens up good opportunities for buyers with different requests. You can equally successfully purchase elegant ankle boots, light sandals or trekking boots from us.

When buying women’s shoes in a store, you should pay attention to such tips:

  • For frosty weather, try to buy models with thicker soles.
  • Shoes or boots for every day should be resistant to rainy weather (choosing an option for everyday wear, refrain from thin textiles or suede).
  • Do not wear varnished products in the cold, because no matter how high-quality the varnish is, it tends to crack under the influence of low temperature.
  • If you like to combine long skirts with boots, choose a height of shoes so that there is no gap between them.
  • The length of the skirt and the height of the heel in a harmonious way are interrelated – the shorter the skirt, the smaller, ideally, the heel should be.
  • Combine long open dresses with sandals with thin straps – otherwise even the most stylish and fashionable women’s shoes can look bulky.
  • Such simple tips will help you choose shoes, boots, sandals and other models, taking into account not only their relevance, but also your wardrobe.

Women’s shoes are a popular and in-demand product category. It includes many types of products of various models, styles and trends. The store presents 13 categories of shoes for all occasions. You can see shoes, ballet flats, sandals, moccasins, sneakers, clogs, boots and ankle boots, as well as many other interesting things. Shoes of famous brands are presented.

The store’s products can be purchased both at offline points of sale and online – in one click on the site. And in order to make it easier to find a suitable model, we have developed an effective filter. You can search by category, acceptable price, brand, size and color scheme. Everything is aimed at making the purchase process pleasant and interesting

Men's shoes are a stylish addition for all occasions

An important element in the wardrobe of a modern man is high-quality men’s shoes, which plays a huge role in shaping the image. After all, a successful style, material and appearance create a good impression of the owner. You can buy stylish men’s shoes in a high-quality store. The catalog presents a wide range of models — classic, sporty and casual. Experts constantly monitor the latest trends in the fashion world, creating solutions that correspond to the era of modernity.

Men’s shoes for all seasons from the manufacturer
Fashionable shoes today are a way of self-expression, and shoes from the store are perfect for this. Style, quality, and affordable price are harmoniously intertwined here. The men’s shoe store offers certified products that meet the highest quality requirements. A cumulative system of discount bonuses will be a nice addition to the purchase.It is easy to buy men’s shoes in the store. Come to us, take a closer look at a number of models. Decide for yourself what exactly you would like, pay for the purchase – and in a couple of days it will be delivered to you by mail or courier. Buy men’s shoes and create your wardrobe with us!

How to choose children’s shoes by size?

To determine the size of the shoe, put the baby on cardboard and use a pencil (hold it not at an angle, but straight) to trace the foot along the contour. Next, use a ruler to measure the distance from the uppermost point (this is usually the point at the thumb) to the lowest (near the heel).

Be sure to measure both legs. It happens that the child’s legs develop alternately and may vary slightly in length. If this is observed, take a larger value. Next, you need to take into account the allowance depending on the seasonality of the shoes. Orthopedists recommend adhering to the following values:

  • If you buy sneakers, sandals or sandals, then the allowance should not exceed 5-7 mm.
  • For demi-season pairs, an allowance in the range of 7-10 mm can be used.
  • When choosing winter boots or boots, you can add 1-1.5 cm to the foot length.