Bride 1

Lehigh Valley LiveMary Lowry Warren was the first person to wear this wedding dress, with its puffy sleeves and full skirt. She wore it 120 years ago and the family says her waist was only 18 inches at the time.

Bride 2

Lehigh Valley LiveThe second bride took over the dress about 50 years later. Married in 1946, Jane Woodruff unwittingly started the tradition of passing it among the women of the family.

Bride 3

Lehigh Valley LiveJust two years later, Virginia Woodruff took over the dress. Because the original bride’s waist was impossibly small, subsequent brides had to do quite a bit of tailoring to make it fit.

Bride 4

Lehigh Valley LiveIn 1960, Sara Seiler wore the family’s bridal gown for her big day. You’ll notice that the veil has changed.

Bride 5

Lehigh Valley LiveSixteen years later, Laird MacConnell wore the dress on her wedding day in 1976. Even though it had been decades, the dress still looked good for the time.

Bride 6

Lehigh Valley LiveLeslie Woodruff Kingston wore this dress in 1977, but she saw it almost two decades earlier at bride 4’s wedding. She was only five at the time. Leslie also happens to be the mother of the most recent bride.

Bride 7

Lehigh Valley LiveJanet Kearns was next to wear the family’s wedding dress. She got married in 1982.

Bride 8

Lehigh Valley LiveThen, in 1986, Jane Ogden wore the dress. She broke tradition by having color photographs of her gown on her wedding day.

Bride 9

Lehigh Valley LiveVirginia Kearns wore the dress in 1989. The puffy sleeves really worked with the clothing style of the ’80s.

Bride 10

Lehigh Valley LiveDespite wearing the dress for her wedding in 1991, Ann Ogden has a pretty style that fit into the 1970s even better.

Bride 11

Lehigh Valley LiveIn October 2015, 120 years after the original bride and 24 years following the last one, Abigail Kingston wore the dress for her wedding. As soon as she got engaged, she knew she’d be sporting the family’s gown for her big day.