These 15 Victorians show that the poised 1800s weren’t always so serious. Sometimes the typically uptight were downright fun!

One Lump Or Two?

Wimp.comIt’s tea time somewhere.

What Happened?

BoredPandaThe year was 1840, and the lady? Couldn’t be more fantastic.

Yalie Men Be Posin’

BoredPandaThese wigs are heaven!

The Duchess Of Snow

BoredPandaIt’s a bit chilly out here in 1892.

Czar Nicholas II

BoredPandaAmazing how the powerful have a sense of humor just like anyone else!

Heads Up Seven Up

BoredPandaThis family photo is adorable.

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

BoredPandaThose arched backs—are they dancers or just wonderful?

Silly Beach Fun

BuzzfeedCaught her mid giggle! What a mad romp by the ocean.

Nurses, Anyone?

BuzzfeedThese ladies are smiling—well, all except the fuddy duddy down front.

Duchess of Darmstadt Dhaka

Russian State ArchiveErrybody wants to party like the Romanovs party!

Party People

BuzzfeedNotice the a kitty on the smiling man’s shoulder.

Babies Be Coo’ing

PinterestBabies love to giggle, even in the 1800s.

What A Good Dog

BuzzfeedEverybody loves showing off their favorite pet!

Wait – Is This Diane Keaton?!

PinterestNo, but wouldn’t it be great if it were?? #timetravelers #busted

They Giggled!

Wimp.comAnd to think, how many weddings spend time trying to make their photo booths look like this – mustache and all!