10 Billboard Sign Jokes From ‘The Simpsons’ That Will Totally Crack You Up 0 151

“The Simpsons” has changed the cultural zeitgeist perhaps more than any other television show, courtesy of a wicked sense of humor. Of all the jokes in the show, though, some of the funniest are the background gags, which often get overlooked on a first viewing.

High Society


Didn’t they actually do an episode about historical figures turning into zombies?



There are two jokes here: one is that the school is named for Pearl Bailey, the singer-actress. The other is the obvious one.

Hi Everybody!


It seems like a good deal.


Do you keep getting coupons in the mail too?

For the Bible…


At one point “Christianity Today” magazine named “The Simpsons” the most wholesome show on TV. Think about that.



This one is kind of sad, but true.


This sounds about right.

True Story


This actually happened to a number of video stores in the 80s.



At least the Death Tax is a flat one.


You’d think the censors would have blocked this one.

David Reddish

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10 Scientific Reasons Why Video Games Are Actually Good For You 0 17

Have you ever mentioned your love of video games to someone and had them look at you in disgust? Maybe they mentioned how video games cause violence or that they’re killing your brain cells and making you lazy. Well, it turns out video games are actually good for you. Stop listening to those naysayers and pay attention to the science instead.

It’s The Neurological Opposite Of Depression

Choreograph/iStock/Getty Images

Playing video games can actually boost your mood. Game designer Jane McGonigal explained to TIME Magazine that brain scans found that gamers exercise neurological pathways that worked with goals, motivation, learning, and memory. Those are areas of the brain that don’t get used during depression.

They Can Train Your Brain

Schedivy Pictures Inc./DigitalVision/Getty Images

German researchers conducted a study where they had two groups of 23 adults—one that played “Super Mario 64” every day for two months and one that didn’t. After MRI scans, they found that members of the group that played video games had an increase in gray matter in the areas of their brains that controlled memory formation, strategic planning, spatial navigation, and fine motor skills in the hands.

Video Games Can Be Active

Tim Robberts/The Image Bank/Getty Images

One of the biggest arguments against video games has always been how they make you “lazy.” For years now, video game companies have been making games to help gamers get active. Peripherals for the Wii as well as the XBOX Kinect and Playstation Move have given gamers a way to get exercise while having fun.

The More You Play, The Better

Photoalto/ale Ventura/PhotoAlto Agency RF/Getty Images

While there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, scientists have found that playing often and becoming an expert gamer can actually increase your benefits compared to amateur or casual gamers. Forbes Magazine compiled the science and said that expert gamers have better cognitive development and an increase in their ability to learn.

You’ll Think Faster

Micko1986/iStock/Getty Images

According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, researchers have found that action gamers are able to make decisions 25 percent quicker than people who don’t play games, all without sacrificing accuracy.

Strategy Games Make You Smarter

Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

The kinds of games you play have an impact on how your brain reacts. When British researchers compared the brains of people who played the strategy game “Starcraft” to those who played “The Sims,” the strategy players had increased cognitive flexibility, speed, and accuracy in psychological tests.

10 Myths About Breasts That Are Actually Completely False 0 63

It’s safe to say that the world is obsessed with breasts. From finding a way to make them perkier to going under the knife to make them larger, boobs are often the topic of conversations, punch lines for jokes, and the subject of rumors. Over time, facts about breasts have been plagued with myths, and it’s time to set some clarity to those wives tales that have become embedded in culture.

Only Women Get Breast Cancer

Women’s Health Mag

Yes, men can also be diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. In 2015, it was estimated that 2,350 in the U.S. would be diagnosed, while another 440 would lose their lives.

Gaining Weight Will Give You Large Breasts

Sophisticated Pair

This is sort of true. Breasts are made of fat, so when you gain weight, it’s assumed that breasts will get bigger. One has to take into consideration that everyone has a unique body type that distributes fat differently. While a woman may see her breast size increase, it may not be proportionate to other areas that have also gained weight.

Sleeping In Your Bra Causes Cancer/Makes Your Breasts Perky

Wise Geek

The only thing sleeping in your bra may do it cause discomfort. It will not cause you to get cancer and won’t make your boobs perkier. As soon as you take your bra off, your breasts will go right back to where they’re supposed to be.

Doing Push Ups Will Lift Breasts


While push ups strengthen the muscles behind the breasts, they don’t necessarily do much for boobs themselves. When women see a difference in their breasts because of exercising, it’s because the chest muscles are being affected.

Breasts Should Be The Same Size


For most women, one breast is larger than the other. Many find it hardly noticeable, about one fifth of a cup size, and nearly five percent have a more dramatic difference.

Breasts Stop Growing After Puberty


Breasts will change throughout a woman’s lifetime. Puberty starts the process, but it certainly doesn’t end their. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy and childbirth, and other mitigating factors will cause changes.

Breastfeeding Makes Breasts Sag


It isn’t necessarily breastfeeding that makes breasts sag, but the weight gain during pregnancy. During pregnancy, breasts get bigger, but the post-pregnancy weight loss makes boobs look deflated. It’s important to talk to your doctor about how much weight gain is healthy during your pregnancy.

Kylie Jenner’s Beauty Secrets Increases Breast Size


When Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram that the Pure Leef product was her beauty secret to a bigger butt and her breast size increasing, many fans took it at face value. However, those Kardashian/Jenner girls are known to promote products for profit, whether or not they truly work. There also aren’t any studies to verify Kylie’s claims and the product isn’t even FDA approved.

Men Only Like Large Breasts

Karwai Tang/FilmMagic/Getty Images

As much as people want to generalize what men are attracted to, we can’t lump them all into the same box. There are breast men, butt men, legs men, eyes men…the list goes on and on. If you don’t have large breasts, don’t worry. The man who falls in love with you will also love your small boobs.

The Pencil Test Determines Saggy Breasts

Murr Brewster

Many moons ago there was a theory going around that they way to determine whether or not your breasts were sagging was to use a pencil. The breasts were to be lifted and the pencil place under the breast. When the boobs were released and if the pencil was held there, then the woman needed to wear a bra because her boobs were sagging. Women everywhere with breasts that doctors wouldn’t consider to be anywhere near sagging thought that they’re boobs were doomed.

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